Packaged Air Conditioners, Environmental Control Units (ECUs), & Local Air Coolers

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Ellis & Watts designs, qualifies, manufactures, and tests custom air conditioners (A/Cs), environmental control units (ECUs), and local air coolers (LACs) to provide air temperature control for mission-critical comfort, environmental, and process environments.

The equipment can be designed to meet specific project requirements including - CLICK TO SEE FULL LIST

  • air-cooled or water-cooled condensing
  • extreme ambient temperature conditions
  • wide ranges of leaving air temperatures
  • analog, relay-based controls to address qualification, cyber security, or EMI/RFI concerns or digital control systems

Special equipment design capabilities include - CLICK TO SEE FULL LIST

  • a variety of compressor technologies to optimize efficiency, reliability, and life-cycle cost objectives
  • various materials of construction to meet structural integrity, corrosion resistance, weight, and cost requirements
  • stringent air pressure and/or leakage capabilities
  • seismically qualified per IEEE 344
  • environmentally qualified per IEEE 323
  • various power supply and controls options
  • designs for hazardous duty applications (explosion proof)
  • EMI/RFI supression and verification testing
  • portable or mobile designs, including shock and vibration isolation
  • factory performance testing at full and part-load conditions to document compliance and assure proper operation
  • self-contained packaged or split-system designs
  • modular construction to address on-site transportation, rigging, and installation constraints

Ellis & Watts understands that some projects require strict code compliance and has the demonstrated ability to conform to the following codes, among others - CLICK TO SEE FULL LIST

  • ASME NQA-1
  • 10CFR50 Appendix B
  • Mil-Std-461G for environmental
  • Mil-Std-461G for EMI/RFI
  • Heat Exchangers to ASME Section VIII or ASME Section III
  • Compressors to ASME AG-1 Section RA
  • Coils (Refrigerant & Electric) to ASME AG-1 Section CA
  • Fans to ASME AG-1 Section BA
  • Motors to ASME AG-1, IEEE 323, IEEE 334, IEEE 344, and NEMA MG-1
  • Motor wiring to IEEE 383
  • Motor insulation to IEEE 117
  • Filters to ASME AG-1 Section FB & FC
  • Filter Mounting Frames to ASME AG-1 Section FG
  • Dampers to ASME AG-1 Section DA
  • UL 555 for Smoke and Fire Dampers
  • Damper Actuators to IEEE 382
  • Housing to ASME AG-1 Section HA
  • Instruments to ASME AG-1 Section IA
  • Compliance to IEEE 7-4.3.2 Standard Criteria for Digital Computers in Safety Systems of Nuclear Power Generating Stations
  • Compliance to IEEE 603 Standard Criteria for Safety Systems for Nuclear Power Generating Systems
  • Compliance to IEEE 1012 Standard for Software Verification and Validation

Past projects in which Ellis & Watts successfully met stringent air conditioning unit compliance requirements include - CLICK TO SEE FULL LIST

  • Asco NPP – Spain
  • Sizewell NPP – United Kingdom
  • Almaraz NPP – Spain
  • Lungmen NPP – Taiwan
  • Krsko NPP – Solvenia
  • NASA Missile Environment Control
  • US Corps of Engineers
  • US Army, Navy, and Air Force
  • NASA Payload Transporter
  • Boeing AW-SHORAD Weapons Program
  • MOX Fuel Fabrication Facility – USA