Medical Imaging

Medical Imaging is a significant investment for healthcare and veterinary service providers. The cooling equipment that supports the system, sometimes located in demanding climates, is often tasked with running continuously. It must be designed with the imaging system in mind, to ensure a long life of reliable operation. The slightest variation in performance can increase the occurrence and length of downtime, impacting customer care and operating income.

Ellis & Watts, in partnership with imaging OEMs, designs and manufactures liquid chillers for use with portable and stationary MRI, PET/CT and CT diagnostic imaging equipment. We have delivered hundreds of chillers for use in diagnostic imaging applications throughout North America.

In order to provide medical imaging services remotely, or to expand on existing imaging capacity when bricks and mortar aren’t and option, service providers often turn to mobile imaging solutions. At Ellis & Watts, we have more than 25 years of experience in the design and manufacture of mobile medical facilities. Our new “Lamboo, powered by Ellis & Watts” offering for MRI, PET/CT, and CT applications combines the Ellis & Watts experience in the United States with Lamboo, a global leader specializing in engineering and manufacturing mobile and modular healthcare solutions. Together, the companies engineer and manufacture patented mobile medical imaging facilities that have been proven for over 15 years in markets around the world.