Ellis & Watts Portable Structures

Portable Structures

Ellis & Watts custom engineers and manufactures trailers and portable structures and shelters to meet the size constraints and demanding shock and vibrations of trans global transportation while maximizing interior space when deployed and operating efficiently, reliably, and durably for years of use in harsh environments.

Each facility can be designed and sized as a small, stand-alone ISO-Type container, as multiple containers that adjoin in the field for increased space, or as structures that expand horizontally or vertically for increased space.

The facilities manufactured by Ellis & Watts for Aerospace, Hazardous Waste Management, Military, and Research Laboratory customers are typically used to house, protect, provide power distribution, and provide temperature, humidity, and air contaminant control for - CLICK TO SEE FULL LIST

  • Critical Communication Systems
  • Precision Instrumentation Systems
  • High Value Electronics Systems
  • Chemical Processing Systems
  • Weapons Demilitarization Systems
  • Simulation & Training Centers
  • Command Centers