Weapons Demilitarization Systems


With over 60 years of expertise designing and manufacturing equipment for demanding applications in harsh environments, Ellis & Watts has experience supplying portable structures for weapons demilitarization applications.

Because the types of weapons, explosive agents, and chemicals involved can differ between applications, Ellis & Watts offers fully customized solutions to meet your requirements - CLICK TO SEE FULL LIST

  • custom dimensions to meet your project requirements
  • blast- and chemical-resistant panels and doors to protect personnel and equipment in the event of an explosion or chemical release
  • variable materials of construction to deliver rigidity and durability
  • an HVAC system to ensure proper conditioning and pressurization
  • hydraulic jacking system with self leveling
  • ISO lower corners with twist-lock fittings for attachment to a truck bed along with ISO upper lifting rings
  • integrated equipment lifts that can fold for storage
  • security lights